All LMS and ATS applications can be integrated with Shinkan's AI proctoring software.

Our registration process is unique and easy. All the elements are captured in real-time in online proctoring software, including the candidate’s photo ID, handwriting, audio, and video. At the moment of integration, a step-by-step method is provided.

All candidates must have a laptop or PC (with a webcam) as their primary device. A cell phone is recommended as a secondary device for advanced exam proctoring. However, we will be able to operate using mobile phones as primary devices, as all candidates may not have access to a laptop or PC.

Shinkan’s AI proctoring software collects all the requisite cognitive elements through  the camera and the mic of the primary device, and also the camera of the secondary device (wherever applicable). In addition, Shinkan also analyzes the candidate’s sentiments, biometrics, handwriting, text, audio, vision, speech and many more. The powerful AI proctored test engine considers all of the above elements to produce more reliable results.

We adhere to policies that ensure complete transparency to both the institute and the candidates. The information gathered during registration is saved directly on the institute's server. The institute receives only the portions of the candidate's exam records in which the candidate attempts to cheat, not the entire recording. The video background is also blurred to secure and protect the privacy of the candidates. The blurring is only removed in circumstances where a malpractice is established by the Shinkan engine.

The report of the proctored exam will be generated and submitted within 48 hours. Rather than adding to the effort, we believe in aiding the institute administrator in making decisions. This is why the report is brief and to the point. The report will clearly state who attempted to cheat and how, and who did not.

As our tagline suggests, “Setting the honest apart”, we verify the candidate’s honesty during the online remote proctored exam. We certify through our seal, which serves as an assurance that the online test was taken in a secure setting. Such a stamp of authentication will help the candidate to further ratify his genuineness in completion of the course with credible assessment through the Shinkan online proctoring platform. Corporates are spoilt for choice with candidates highlighting several online courses in their CVs which they have undertaken to upskill themselves. However, the same corporates are mired with such candidates’ lack of knowledge since these courses are not backed by adequate and credible assessment.

Our artificial intelligence-based remote proctoring system is built on various cognitive technologies like computer vision, machine learning, NLP, speech recognition etc.

It can be used by all those who want to truly expand with no border and with minimal investment in infrastructure. Educational institutes, universities, coaching classes, large corporations, EdTech and gaming companies can use our AI proctoring platform to enhance their invigilation and verification process to tackle the challenges of malpractices and impersonation for a truly cheat-free online experience.

Our remote proctoring software is created to eliminate the possibility of cheating and impersonation in online examinations, and thus identifies various scenarios based on- audio, video, text, foreign objects, speech etc. Our AI proctoring platform is trained via 55000+ hours of examination, interviews and gaming videos to be able to eliminate more than 200 cheating and impersonation scenarios.

Institutes and universities can now not only teach online but also conduct examinations online with the same level of credibility as offline examinations with the help of our remote proctoring solutions thus, building online course credibility for the ultimate stakeholders which are the corporates for recruitment of candidates with the right knowledge and learning.

The solution, remote proctored internet-based test, is the need of the hour. We all have across online examinations in the pandemic era, but how many of us trust it? Do the existing solutions fill the void? It’s a question we need to ask ourselves. Shinkan is aware of the gaps in the existing online proctoring system and is here to bridge to make online education truly global.

Impersonation and lip-syncing are one of the largest problems in online interviews. It is now relatively easier to get away with such misconducts due to the number of job applicants. Fortunately, AI proctoring can help address this issue. Shinkan Edge is an online proctoring software using artificial intelligence to prevent cheating and impersonation during online aptitude testing as well as large-scale recruitment by employing employs multi-point candidate The corporates can now also trust candidates who have attained degrees online just like they trust the ones who do full-time courses. Shinkan’s stamp of verification will act as a true differentiator.

With online gaming tournaments are on the rise with high monetary stakes, it is necessary to implement robust identity verification and impersonation control methods in order to prevent fraud. Online games are unfortunately plagued by bots. Gamers often lose money to bots. This can be combated by the use of AI-based verification, monitoring, and proctoring. Artificial intelligence can pinpoint patterns of cheating and alert the authorities. Shinkan Edge's artificial intelligence-based remote proctoring system assures that online games are legitimate and fair by employing multi-point candidate verification, which records players' pictures, IDs, and audio in addition to their actions on the battlefield. When it has completed all rounds of verification, it verifies the data obtained and notifies the game authorities if there are any differences.