Is the Shinkan solution compatible with any operating system?

All LMS and ATS applications can be integrated with Shinkan’s AI proctoring software.

What is the procedure for registering candidates?

Our registration process is unique and easy. All the elements are captured in real-time in online proctoring software, including the candidate’s photo ID, handwriting, audio, and video. At the moment of integration, a step-by-step method is provided.

How many devices are required per candidate?

All candidates must have a laptop or PC (with a webcam) as their primary device. A cell phone is recommended as a secondary device for advanced exam proctoring. However, we will be able to operate using mobile phones as primary devices, as all candidates may not have access to a laptop or PC.

What aspects are monitored during the online exam?

Shinkan’s AI proctoring software collects all the requisite cognitive elements through  the camera and the mic of the primary device, and also the camera of the secondary device (wherever applicable). In addition, Shinkan also analyzes the candidate’s sentiments, biometrics, handwriting, text, audio, vision, speech and many more. The powerful AI proctored test engine considers all of the above elements to produce more reliable results.

What measures have been put in place to protect the candidate’s data?

We adhere to policies that ensure complete transparency to both the institute and the candidates. The information gathered during registration is saved directly on the institute’s server. The institute receives only the portions of the candidate’s exam records in which the candidate attempts to cheat, not the entire recording. The video background is also blurred to secure and protect the privacy of the candidates. The blurring is only removed in circumstances where a malpractice is established by the Shinkan engine.

What is the duration of the result and what kind of proctor reports are submitted post the assessment?

The report of the proctored exam will be generated and submitted within 48 hours. Rather than adding to the effort, we believe in aiding the institute administrator in making decisions. This is why the report is brief and to the point. The report will clearly state who attempted to cheat and how, and who did not.

What is the purpose of the verify & certify feature?

As our tagline suggests, “Setting the honest apart”, we verify the candidate’s honesty during the online remote proctored exam. We certify through our seal, which serves as an assurance that the online test was taken in a secure setting. Such a stamp of authentication will help the candidate to further ratify his genuineness in completion of the course with credible assessment through the Shinkan online proctoring platform. Corporates are spoilt for choice with candidates highlighting several online courses in their CVs which they have undertaken to upskill themselves. However, the same corporates are mired with such candidates’ lack of knowledge since these courses are not backed by adequate and credible assessment.

What kind of technology does Shinkan employ?

Our artificial intelligence-based remote proctoring system is built on various cognitive technologies like computer vision, machine learning, NLP, speech recognition etc.

Who can use Shinkan Edge?

It can be used by all those who want to truly expand with no border and with minimal investment in infrastructure. Educational institutes, universities, coaching classes, large corporations, EdTech and gaming companies can use our AI proctoring platform to enhance their invigilation and verification process to tackle the challenges of malpractices and impersonation for a truly cheat-free online experience.

What types of malpractice scenarios does the solution detect?

Our remote proctoring software is created to eliminate the possibility of cheating and impersonation in online examinations, and thus identifies various scenarios based on- audio, video, text, foreign objects, speech etc. Our AI proctoring platform is trained via 55000+ hours of examination, interviews and gaming videos to be able to eliminate more than 200 cheating and impersonation scenarios.

How can the education industry use Shinkan Edge?

Institutes and universities can now not only teach online but also conduct examinations online with the same level of credibility as offline examinations with the help of our remote proctoring solutions thus, building online course credibility for the ultimate stakeholders which are the corporates for recruitment of candidates with the right knowledge and learning.

Is there a need for a product like this? What about the existing solutions?

The solution, remote proctored internet-based test, is the need of the hour. We all have across online examinations in the pandemic era, but how many of us trust it? Do the existing solutions fill the void? It’s a question we need to ask ourselves. Shinkan is aware of the gaps in the existing online proctoring system and is here to bridge to make online education truly global.

How can the corporates make use of AI proctoring solutions?

Impersonation and lip-syncing are one of the largest problems in online interviews. It is now relatively easier to get away with such misconducts due to the number of job applicants. Fortunately, AI proctoring can help address this issue. Shinkan Edge is an online proctoring software using artificial intelligence to prevent cheating and impersonation during online aptitude testing as well as large-scale recruitment by employing employs multi-point candidate The corporates can now also trust candidates who have attained degrees online just like they trust the ones who do full-time courses. Shinkan’s stamp of verification will act as a true differentiator.

What is the use of AI Proctoring in online gaming?

With online gaming tournaments are on the rise with high monetary stakes, it is necessary to implement robust identity verification and impersonation control methods in order to prevent fraud. Online games are unfortunately plagued by bots. Gamers often lose money to bots. This can be combated by the use of AI-based verification, monitoring, and proctoring. Artificial intelligence can pinpoint patterns of cheating and alert the authorities. Shinkan Edge’s artificial intelligence-based remote proctoring system assures that online games are legitimate and fair by employing multi-point candidate verification, which records players’ pictures, IDs, and audio in addition to their actions on the battlefield. When it has completed all rounds of verification, it verifies the data obtained and notifies the game authorities if there are any differences.

What are the unique factors of SHINKAN platform and how is it better than most of the other Online Proctoring tools?

  • Shinkan uses a two engine AI platform. This ensures that the system does not throw any “False Positives”. The first engine throws suspicious scenarios while the second engine filters false scenarios using the AI logic.
  • The AI engine analyses 25 behavioral patterns
  • Detects over 200 instances of examination dishonesty
  • We can provide the platform as standalone platform or integrate with any exam system the school may be using

What does the Shinkan report Capture?

  • Summary of the total number of candidates and number of candidates where something suspicious is detected
  • Specific candidate – Instances where something suspicious was detected – video file of the instance along with description

How relatable is the SHINKAN system considering it is a new company?

Shinkan has created a most path breaking AI platform which is more robust than most of the other platforms currently in use. The more important aspect is that Shinkan unlike all the other proctoring platforms is solely focussed on ensuring credible and secure online assessments. Shinkan can integrate with any LMS.

Apart from that the Founders and the team at Shinkan has more than 100 years of aggregate work experience in Education, Tech, Product development, Management, AI platforms, Cyber Security etc.

Why is the school looking at doing any exams online when schools are open (question from parents to the school)?

Online education has thrown open many possibilities. Though initially the schools were forced to adopt complete online practices however now they have the option to create very robust and effective hybrid format which will take advantage of both offline and online. With some of the exams conducted online the teachers will have more time to spend on the topics. Also this will allow teachers to give quick update tests frequently to give more practice to the students while the topic is still fresh in the mind of the student. It has been observed that such a practice ensures regularity, discipline amongst students which leads to better learning.

Doing online tests takes the writing practice away- so why is the school promoting the same?

The online exams as provided by Shinkan allows handwritten answers to be submitted, hence it does not take away any such practice. Also, the school is not shifting to 100% online exams. It will be in hybrid format, hence it would continue with handwritten offline exams as well.

Parents want to take the child away from gadgets?

It is true that during the pandemic children were exposed to such devices more than required. Fortunately post the pandemic the situation has normalised again. However, as we know that the world is moving digital and many services and experiences can be enhanced due to digital growth. In time such exams/assessments by Schools, Universities, Skill development institutes and even corporate training and recruitment will be conducted online and our children need to be future ready. Also, it will be ensured that the exams which are proposed to be conducted online will not significantly increase the screen time for children.

Why out more pressure on students by conducting more exams?

The school certainly would not want to put more pressure on the students. However, the intention is to provide more time in school for better handling of the curriculum as well as provide enough practice to students to have better grasp of the subject matter.

How do we ensure the data including video etc is secure?

The Shinkan platform is hosted on a virtual private cloud, with strict access controls and audit trails. All sensitive data stored are encrypted and all audio/video data are discarded with a time bound retention policy after analysis by the AI. The Shinkan
Platform implements industry-best cybersafety practices and complies with all Indian Government Cybersecurity Guidelines.

Why can’t the exams be given on iPad?

The same is due to the policy of Apple company wherein they do not allow the sharing of videos with other platforms. There is no technology constraint from Shinkan’s end.