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Shinkan: The first company to certify online assessments for credible hiring

Online courses are not credible without rigorous online exam proctoring services. Shinkan-Edge is the one-stop solution to this problem

MUMBAI, IndiaApril 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Online courses hold a lot of appeal for the younger generation, and many enroll in such courses for skilling, reskilling, or upskilling to advance their careers. Online education is excellent for broadening one’s horizons and offering a plethora of options to pursue.

While E-Learning, is extremely convenient and growing at a fast pace, it comes with the risk of not being taken seriously by some students and corporates. The reason for this is, that the perception of assessments conducted at the end of the course is not as trusted as offline exams, because of rampant malpractices. In turn, the corporates lose their faith in the system. All of this affects one’s ability to learn and understand the importance of online education. All candidates are meant to be held at par, but that is not the case. The cheating tactics used by certain students during online exams fail to distinguish and short-change the deserving and honest candidates. As a result, in today’s market, online course certification lacks the same value as physical course certification because employers are unable to distinguish between honest learners and those who cheat. In simple words, online exam monitoring systems are not considered credible, due to which the candidate suffers.

Online assessments come hand in hand with the need for secure invigilation, just as offline exams do. What’s lacking is the stamp of credibility. Here’s where Shinkan-Edge comes into play, the best online proctoring software for online educators and recruiters with cheat-free virtual tests. If a candidate presents an online course certification with Shinkan’s stamp of approval, it’s credible.

On asking Abhijit Saxena, the founder of Shinkan, he said

“I believe that to educate and for skill development, learning is key, while to ensure genuine learning happens during the education process, secure assessments are key.

Lack of credibility in online assessments is one of the primary reasons why there is limited trust in online education. Shinkan, for the first time, has launched the most intelligent and robust AI-based tool – Shinkan-Edge which can certify the authenticity of any online assessment. It also ratifies impersonation during large-scale online recruitments by corporates. Shinkan-Edge is so powerful that it can even certify the authenticity of online exams!”

Today, education and knowledge are convenient commodities. It is not just students but also, working professionals and adults, who look towards online qualifications. Access to online courses makes it flexible for people to attain and diversify knowledge. Current remote proctoring solutions have the same fallacies as offline invigilation. For online examinations, Shinkan offers complete artificial intelligence based remote proctoring system, to eliminate human errors. With the growing demand for digital education worldwide, it is critical for all stakeholders to get accustomed to AI-based proctoring exams. As we get more habituated to virtually answering papers, the seriousness, and importance of the same kicks in. Its convenience is just a plus point that many look forward to.

Academics worldwide are looking for solutions to the same problem: on how to prevent mal-practices and conduct credible online proctored exams. Shinkan-Edge is just the thing for this.

The word ‘Shinkan’ is curated out of two words ‘Shin’ and ‘Kan’

‘Shin’ is derived from the Japanese word ‘Shinrai’, which means ‘trust‘. ‘Kan’, on the other hand, is taken from the Indian word ‘Kanshi’. Derived from these phrases, Shinkan means – Setting The Honest Apart. There is no better way to explain what they provide than this. The goal is to gain employers’ & academicians’ trust in online exam proctoring services. This in turn will enable every educational institution to reach its true academic potential. 

Shinkan is an artificial intelligence based remote proctoring system that makes online assessments more reliable than offline exams where manual supervision happens during the examinations, whether in the classroom or online. This remote proctoring solution eliminates the need for manual supervisors and provides online exam monitoring systems for malpractice-free virtual tests to online educational institutions and corporations. Shinkan-Edge uses deep tech to analyze more than 25 behavioral patterns for an accurate malpractice report. The software can eliminate over 200 malpractices with a robust AI engine, owing to training via 55,000+ hours of exam videos. They play a vital role in creating a widespread cognizance of these online courses and diplomas to be accepted by institutions and companies.

All in all, with Shinkan’s stamp of approval, employers need not be worried about the credibility of online certified courses. They should go ahead and hire honest candidates who suit the profile and have a Shinkan stamp on their certificate. They provide a chance for honest individuals to set themselves apart and thrive by using online learning to establish a name for themselves.

Contact Pooja Patel at for further information OR write to us at OR call us on +91 80 4815 8687

About Shinkan

We have envisioned a digital education world equal for all. However, until now, online proctoring services, have not been proven to be 100% credible. Academics all over the world are looking for solutions to one problem: How do we prevent mal-practices and conduct credible online proctored exams? This question began our journey, and thus Shinkan was born. We idealize a world without online academic malpractices. We are chasing a shift in the institute’s perspectives towards remote online proctored exams. The aim is to support and facilitate honesty for the greater good.

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