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When we chart the course of history through many past years, we would come across multiple breakthrough technologies that changed the course of world and helped us evolve as a human race. However, each of these disruptions brought about many anxieties to humans due to the associated changes and possible risks, which is very natural and understandable.

Some of the compelling breakthrough technological disruptions one can think about are:

  • Calculators to Computers made a breakthrough in computing. However, there was anxieties around ability to perform mathematical calculations mentally and way mathematics is learnt
  • Printing press invention was a breakthrough on how information and knowledge can be spread. However, it raised anxieties on spread of information away from the traditional forms at that point of time and hence also of mis-information spreading faster.
  • Industrial Revolution brought significant changes in the way goods were produced and distribution organized. This created a lot of anxieties around loss of jobs of workers and exploitation of labor.
  • Internet has changed the entire world. However, it’s adoption came with its share of anxieties around privacy, spread of information, commerce etc.
  • 3D printing changes the way we present and market our goods etc. However, it poses anxieties around IPR and counterfeiting etc.

There is no doubt that we would have not progressed much as human species had we not embraced and adopted these disruptive/innovative technologies over a period of time. We have managed to embrace new things by mitigating any risks/negatives from the changes by having the right type of regulations and governance structures. Many times, technology has been used to mitigate the risks or disruptive technologies, enabling smoother adoption and getting the best results.

ChatGPT is the latest flutter in the technology world! And rightly so. ChatGPT is based on language model. A language-based AI model is a statistical or machine learning model that is trained to predict the likelihood of a sequence of words in a natural language. It can be used for various tasks, including text-based conversations, question answering, text completion, and language generation.

It has path breaking applications which will impact large areas of human interactions and involvement. These applications spread across Customer service, Virtual assistants, Content creation, Language translation, Personalized recommendations and Chatbots.

However, the recent disruption being  caused by Chat GPT and the discussions/anxieties around the same follows the same cycle we have witnessed in the past. Some believe that such technology will be one of the most impactful AI based applications as compared to any other. Most impactful because it literally can be accessed by the entire internet touched population of the World, which is over 5 billion people! At the same time there are specific concerns such as :

  1. Privacy concerns: The use of language models like ChatGPT can raise privacy concerns, as these models process large amounts of sensitive personal information, such as text messages and conversations.
  2. Job displacement: The increasing use of language models like ChatGPT in customer service, content creation, and other applications may displace human workers, leading to job losses and other economic impacts.
  3. Dependence on technology: As people become increasingly reliant on language models like ChatGPT for information and assistance, there is a risk that they may become too dependent on technology and lose important skills and knowledge and ability to process information independently.

We feel that the mitigation techniques used in the past for embracing such changes will prove to be useful going forward as well…esp. use of advanced technology to provide checks and balances for technology such as Chat GPT. This will certainly require some monitoring, techniques and processes to ensure that human brain is hard at work!

Shinkan specializes in AI based proctoring solution that  facilitates Academic Honesty, free of online malpractices, misconduct and impersonation. This technology can be adopted by institutions to ensure that technologies such as Chat GPT are not being misused by students and others. The use of Shinkan tool while students are performing projects or giving online exams will ensure that information/answers/details provided by Chat GPT or any other tool is not being blindly copied and hence no compromise on gathering information for the purpose of learning and knowledge gain.

This would enable inculcating a sense of discipline amongst students and others to use these effective tools to gather information without any intent of copying or using information without understanding.

At the end of the day……technology cannot have a better friend than another technology to keep it in check and maximise its potential.


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