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Online Proctoring Solution Provider Shinkan Launches Shinkan Edge To Revolutionise Corporate Recruitment

Shinkan will assist corporates in identifying and eliminating fraudulent job applicants through the power of its AI-based proctoring tool – Shinkan Edge

MUMBAI, IndiaAug. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — India’s leading remote proctoring service provider, Shinkan, has revealed its latest product Shinkan Edge – a revolutionary artificial intelligence based remote proctoring system for corporates. This online proctoring software is a one-stop solution for preventing frauds during online interviews and aptitude tests. It will help recruiters identify fraudulent methods that many job applicants adopt during online interviews such as impersonation, lip-sync and identity theft. This, in turn, will be a robust tool for recruiters to filter the deceitful applicants.

Online Proctoring Solution Provider Shinkan Launches Shinkan Edge To Revolutionise Corporate Recruitment

Over the last decade, corporate recruitment has been riddled with impersonation. The prevalence reached a staggering number, especially during the pandemic when online recruitments were on the rise. Many candidates hired during that period turned out to be different to the ones who appeared for interviews, making the employer wonder why the productivity of the stellar recruit they selected suddenly became below par. Use of video morphing and audio proxy tools to get jobs continues to be observed.

With Shinkan Edge’s remote proctoring system, corporates can completely eliminate the risk that the lack of physical invigilation poses and make the online interviews and aptitude test process highly secure and error-free. This is one of the best online proctoring softwares in the Indian market as it can accurately analyse 25+ behavioural patterns to eliminate 200+ malpractices. It’s unique registration process captures all the candidate details and then extracts the data after the online interview or online test to identify any instance of tampering and thus authenticate the same with its automatically generated precise malpractice reports.

Talking about the significance of Shinkan Edge, G V Prasad, Co-founder of Shinkan, said, “As the world of communication is changing rapidly, hiring processes of corporations are also undergoing significant changes. Hiring process will continue to be Hybrid in the longer run with significant quantum of hiring being online. This makes the recruiters vulnerable to fraudulent activities like impersonation, lip-sync, and even identity theft. With Shinkan Edge, a recruiter can monitor the hiring process with much higher precision, identify these deceptive means, and eliminate them effectively.”

This artificial intelligence-based remote proctoring system comes with superior product support. It includes an end-to-end guided walk-through of the software and round-the-clock support. With Shinkan Edge, corporations can now host large volumes of online interviews and aptitude tests with higher accuracy and keep the hiring process impartial and error-free.

About Shinkan:

Shinkan is an AI-based online proctoring service provider that aims to regulate malpractices on online platforms. The company emphasises ensuring the security, credibility, and cost-effectiveness of all online engagements of educational institutions, corporates and gaming companies by eliminating the need for invigilators.

Shinkan’s online exam proctoring service can also be used by leading educational institutions for conducting online exams and corporates to conduct large-scale online recruitments to ensure credibility through a malpractice-free experience. Currently, Shinkan’s platform is used by REVA University.

Media Contact:

Pooja Patel

+91 80 4815 8687


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