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Online Proctoring Software: The One-Stop Solution To All Digital Engagement Problems

Tech-driven innovation is the only way forward in today’s rapidly digitalizing world. Due to the increasing number of educational institutions and colleges adopting online or hybrid learning models, the usage of remote proctoring using digital tools and technology has increased dramatically.

What’s intriguing is that the ways in which an online proctoring system may make digital environments safer and more trustworthy do not stop with e-learning. There are a variety of other applications for online proctoring.

Online proctoring software is a one-stop solution for all issues that occur across a wide range of industry sectors while conducting their operations online. When it comes to challenging the existing quo on how to verify and evaluate individuals, it’s an exciting moment for educators, recruiters, and those involved in the online gaming industry.

Redefining Online Education System

Online proctoring software is being used by 54% of educational institutions to evaluate their online students, according to a study conducted by Educause in April 2020.

Institutes like NMIMS, WeSchool, and Mumbai University already use online exam proctoring software for conducting online exams for distance learning programs and MOOCs.

Artificial Intelligence is used to automate proctoring because of a scarcity of human proctors. Additionally, live proctoring requires a significant human effort, making it non-scalable and expensive in the long run. AI proctoring conserves time as well as resources.

Proctoring systems based on artificial intelligence are also being developed to monitor large groups of students for suspicious behavior at the same time. With more data points, “smarter” AI proctoring models may be regularly updated, lowering the number of false flags.

Using a combination of AI-based and human proctoring, remote proctoring solutions can provide a completely cheat-free student assessment experience while retaining the human touch.

AI proctoring system is a stringent and accurate system, ensuring that the students who engage in malpractice during online examinations are pinpointed and do not get away with instances of misconduct. The results are fair and reflect sincere hard work and efforts dedicated by each student, as opposed to results obtained through cheating.

An online proctoring system creates a secure online environment for examinees. It also increases transparency for them, encouraging trust and satisfaction with the overall process.

Shinkan’s artificial intelligence-based remote proctoring system is based on 25+ cognitive technologies, including computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, and OCR.

Shinkan Edge ensures that online assessments are more dependable than manually invigilated exams, whether in a real classroom or online. As part of its solution, Shinkan analyses the examinee’s behavior using sentiment analysis. The online proctoring service differentiates between genuine thought processes and actions of candidates, as opposed to their behavior while they are engaging in malpractice.

After that, the test engine analyses the data and delivers a reliable and pinpointed malpractice and impersonation report.

Streamlining Online Recruitments

The increasing popularity of artificial intelligence-based proctoring is encouraging corporates to embrace remote proctoring solutions to evaluate job applications. In the course of their learning and development (L&D) activities or as part of their job recruiting efforts, enterprises can benefit from AI proctoring. Companies like Hilton, L’Oréal, and Starbucks have successfully been using AI for large-scale recruitments online.

The culture of working from home encourages globalization and supports firms in taking advantage of opportunities presented by the gig economy.

However, they must have a reliable system of interviewing, where only genuinely competent candidates are under consideration for a job role.

Moreover, organizations today are concerned about candidates being impersonated through the recruitment process. Due to the intensive scale of hiring, experts say it’s now possible to get away with impersonation and unethical interview methods. The significant number of contenders makes careful analysis difficult.

Lip-syncing is becoming a common technique of impersonation in interviews. Candidates often try to rig a live online interview session by lip-syncing while somebody else answers the questions.

In some cases, the applicants don’t show up at all. Instead, someone who is more qualified gives the interview on their behalf. If anti-cheating techniques are not in place, remote recruitments and, subsequently, a company’s operations can be harmed. An online proctoring service is a solution to all these problems.

In order to avoid impersonation during online job applications and interviews, AI proctoring is used. It also assists in preparing aptitude tests, which are administered as part of the screening process.

Online proctoring software provides a fool-proof avenue for assessing applicants. It is possible to oversee and analyze the qualifications of a huge number of candidates from all over the globe using an online proctoring service.

When compared to the standard test evaluation technique, it results in a considerable reduction in logistical costs and human effort. Online proctoring is scalable as well. Virtual monitoring, screen assessment, and performance analysis features are built into the online proctoring software.

Shinkan Edge leverages artificial intelligence to identify and prevent cheating during online aptitude testing and large-scale recruitments, such as those for government positions. To assure the interviewee’s integrity, validity, and authenticity, it utilizes cutting-edge monitoring technology like audio verification, video recognition, and many anti-malpractice features. This ensures that any open positions in a company are offered only to sincere candidates who deserve them.

Securing The Online Gaming Industry With AI Monitoring

The worldwide online gaming sector earned roughly 21.1 billion U.S. dollars in sales in 2020, representing a record 21.9% increase over the previous year. With these kinds of numbers, it becomes clear that it is necessary to safeguard online gaming environments and encourage fair play.

The ability to establish trust is essential in the online gaming industry. It is critical, though, to create trust without harming the game experience in any way. As a consequence, rapid and trustworthy identity identification and age verification are critical requirements.

When the stakes are higher, it is necessary to implement robust identity verification and impersonation control methods in order to prevent fraud. Online gaming tournaments are on the rise, with high monetary stakes. AI proctoring can help prevent cheating in such cases.

Online games like rummy, poker, and more also have high monetary stakes and are unfortunately plagued by bots. Gamers often lose money to bots. This can be combated by the use of AI-based verification, monitoring, and proctoring. Artificial intelligence can pinpoint patterns of cheating and alert the authorities.

Balancing the conflicting goals of speed and security is a challenging undertaking to accomplish. Shinkan Edge’s artificial intelligence-based remote proctoring system assures that online games are legitimate and fair.

Shinkan Edge employs multi-point candidate verification, which records players’ pictures, IDs, and audio in addition to their actions on the battlefield. When it has completed all rounds of verification, it verifies the data obtained and notifies the game authorities if there are any differences.

Shinkan Edge’s AI proctoring service captures critical information like players’ screen activities, audio, and video during online gaming, thus preventing any instances of fraud or misconduct during tournaments and games.

To Sum Up

The advent of the digital era has sped up the process of building people’s trust in online methods of proctoring and assessment.

Additionally, with the work-from-home culture at its peak, companies are now looking to hire only the most qualified candidates from across the country and world.

It is also noteworthy that the online gaming industry is growing rapidly, encouraging more players and higher stakes.

In all of these cases, credibility, verification of identity, and the need for a secure environment are vital. AI proctoring makes this possible; Shinkan Edge makes it possible.


What is Online Proctoring Software?

Online proctoring services like Shinkan Edge enable you to take your exam from the comfort of your home It uses artificial intelligence to oversee your exam via your camera and mic in real-time. Additionally, they will use screen-sharing software to observe what is happening on your computer.

What is E-learning?

A course or learning experience delivered online is known as e-learning. An e-learning programme often consists of a wide variety of interactive elements, such as games, activities, simulations, quizzes, and videos. Another choice is lecture content that is live or recorded. In E-Learning, examinations are conducted through online proctoring services.

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